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Below-Median Income Debtor Case Dismissed as Abusive: Glavin

As a reminder that passing the means test does not end the possibility of a chapter 7 case being considered abusive, a debtor in Albany had just such a case dismissed in June. In re Glavin; Northern District of New York Bankruptcy #10-10094 Judge Littlefield; June 22, 2011). This is also a reminder that Chapter 7 cases with high income are reviewed very closely by the bankruptcy system, and need to be reviewed by an experienced chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy practitioner before being filed. For more information about chapter 7, see my bankruptcy website or contact me directly. The debtor in the Glavin case filed chapter 7 than a year ago, January 15, 2010. According to his amended schedule of income and expenses, he was, at that time, single with no dependents and employed in marketing for three months.

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