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NY Homestead Exemption Applies to Entire Property Even If Partially Rented Out: In re McCarthy (Syracuse case)

Syracuse bankruptcy judge Margaret Cangilos-Ruiz has ruled that a bankruptcy debtor can claim a homestead exemption on an entire parcel or residential property, even if the debtor only resides in part of the property.
In re Craig Michael McCarthy; WDNY Bk #11-31499; decision Nov. 18, 2011. Mr. McCarthy owned property containing a two family house, both units of which were rented out, and a smaller building in the back where the debtor both worked and lived. In my review of the docket, it appears that the debtor moved to avoid the judicial lien of a creditor, and the creditor, in turn, objected to the debtor's homestead exemption claim. The creditor argued that the homestead exemption should only be allocated to that portion of the lot that is used as the debtor's residence. The court ruled that the debtor could exempt the entire parcel.

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