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Welcome to the blog of Peter R. Scribner. My firm represents clients in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas who are facing Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy related issues. I meet with a wide variety of people who find themselves in deep financial trouble. They often find that they are in a crisis. Their home is potentially going to be lost to foreclosure, their car is going to be (or has been) repossessed, their creditors are calling them repeatedly with threats. People who come to see me feel like the world is about to cave in on them.

The financial distress of having to deal with these things often leads to other problems:

  • Health problems come from the stress and anxiety
  • Marital discord is the rule, not the exception
  • Their self-esteem has been shattered.

Usually, before they come to see me, they have unsuccessfully done everything they could think of to avoid having to file for bankruptcy, including:

  • Borrowing from the equity in their home
  • Borrowing from family and friends
  • Taking out consolidation loans
  • Getting involved with a "debt management" company.

Sometimes people try to protect themselves in ways that come back to haunt them, such as:

  • Transfer the deed to real property to a relative or friend
  • Take money out of the bank and put it where only they know where it is (under a mattress, in a safe, etc.)
  • Sign their car over to someone else
  • Pay back a loan to their family
  • Pay back a credit card they want to keep after bankruptcy.

I speak for all consumer bankruptcy attorneys when I say that people should seek advice from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer BEFORE they try any of the above mentioned actions. Most bankruptcy attorneys will offer a free consultation and will answer all of your questions.

Peter R. Scribner will periodically update the blog with posts related to current developments associated with Bankruptcy. For further information regarding Bankruptcy, please visit my firm web site at www.scribnerbankruptcylaw.com, or contact my firm toll free at 888-326-7220 or locally at 585-563-4535.

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