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Bankruptcies increased only 3% in Rochester in 2009

Case Number 09-23415 was the last case filed in the Rochester Bankruptcy Court in 2009, and case number 09-16043 was the last Buffalo case file this past year. Based on the case numbers, and the last case numbers in 2008, bankruptcies increased 3.0% in Rochester over 2008 (3,317 to 3,415) and bankruptcies in Buffalo increased 7.4% (5,615 to 6,043.)

Between 2007 and 2008, Rochester bankruptcies increased 4.3% and Buffalo bankruptcies increased 8.4%.

The percentage of WDNY cases that are filed in Rochester has declined the past three years:
2007 38.0% of WDNY cases were filed in Rochester
2008 37.1%
2009 36.1%

In 2004, Rochester constituted 37.0% of all WDNY filings.

Based on the last case number filed, total bankruptcies in 2004 were 5,562 in Rochester and 9,465 in Buffalo. Comparing 2004, the last year prior to the 2005 "BAPCPA" changes in the banbkruptcy code, with 2009, Rochester's 2009 filings were 56.5% of 2004, while Buffalo's 2009 filings were 63.8% of 2004.

The trend in Rochester and Buffalo appears to buck the national trend, where bankruptcies across the country increased 32% in 2009 from the previous year.

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